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Driveway Paving

Horokiwi Paving

You can trust the paving specialists at Horokiwi Paving

Driveway Paving Wellington

Tired of driving up a dirty gravel driveway to your home? Old driveway looking tired and worn? Let the team at Horokiwi paving give your entrance the impact and attention it deserves. Driveway paving will be great looking and long lasting providing that all important initial impact.


First Impressions Matter

When someone comes to visit for the first time, your driveway is often one of the first things they see. Don’t let an old and degraded driveway take away from the impact of the rest of your property. Let the Horokiwi team give you a fresh take on the area to create the exact flavour you wish to portray.


Pavers, Asphalt or Concrete?

A common issue we come across is the ability to access underground services when needed. Asphalt or Concrete will need to be cut and removed completely; leading to variations in colour and unsightly cuts in the original finish when re-laid. Pavers can be lifted and replaced maintaining the original look, feel and design very easily. This reduces future maintenance costs if access is needed for any reason. This is often overlooked by many homeowners when considering the best medium to use.

Please note that Horokiwi Paving only lay pavers. We do not lay concrete or asphalt.


Driveway Edging

Improve the look of your concrete or asphalt driveway. By creating a professional looking boarder, you can enhance the simplest driveway and give it the extra flair that your neighbours would envy. A makeover for your driveway that is not only visually impressive but also a relatively competitively priced option. Paving edging can also be used to define the perimeter to car parking areas or mark out an entrance way.


Interlocking Paving

Vehicles impart more stress on a paver than foot traffic. It is therefore essential that driveway paving interlocks. This will ensure that the paving stays in the correct place. You do not want your driveway paving to dip, sink or move under the harsh conditions of vehicle treads. Not having the correct sub-base or using the correct pavers can lead to expensive bills down the line.


Built to Stand the Test of Time

Driveway pavers are built specifically for the weight and stress that vehicles will put on them. If you choose the wrong paver or base, you may be throwing money down the drain. Horokiwi has a two year guarantee on all workmanship. New Zealand standards are complied with and any necessary instructions from the paving manufacturer carried out to the latter. On contract completion a follow up is made to ensure complete satisfaction. In 36 years of business Horokiwi have stood the test of time and will always be available for future advice.