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Pool Paving

Horokiwi Paving

You can trust the paving specialists at Horokiwi Paving

Pool Paving Wellington

For expert pool paving in Wellington, you can trust Horokiwi Paving to provide expert advice with a quality finish second to none. When choosing outdoor pavers it is important that you take into account the functionality of the area as well as the final finish. Horokiwi Paving are the experts in Wellington when it comes to providing the best paving solution for your outdoor pool areas.

Non Slip Paving

When looking to pave around your pool it is important that the correct pavers are used to ensure grip when wet. Paving stones need to be non-slip to ensure the safety of family and friends.

The paving needs to be both soft under-foot and withstand the chlorine or salt splash! A pool needs to be defined by the paving however blending in with the overall look and feel of your home. Horokiwi as always can give expert advice in this area.

Pool Edging

It is extremely important the pavers on the edge of the pool have rounded edges for safety reasons. We strongly recommend using bullnose pavers (rounded edges) for all pool edges. Bullnose pavers soften the landscape look and provide the stylish pool edge.


Water Run Off

Setting the correct levels around your pool is imperative. Any water overflow needs to head in the right direction. Lawns and planting surrounding the pool area need to be considered and taken into account with the lay-out and levels of the paving