Horokiwi Paving | Paving Repairs
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Paving Repairs

Horokiwi Paving

You can trust the paving specialists at Horokiwi Paving

Paving Repairs Wellington

Over time even the most professional paving job will start to wear. The team at Horokiwi Paving have the experience in both repairing existing pavers, as well as full replacement solutions.

Services Access

Blocked pipe or lighting upgrade? Need to get under your paving but concerned about damaging the paver or laying it incorrectly? The team at Horokiwi Paving are can come and lift and replace, or re-lay the existing paving ensuring a professional finish. Your driveway, path, courtyard or patio can be returned to the “good as new state”. Another fantastically practical reason to lay paving.


Sunken Paving

If your paving has not been laid correctly it will often sink over time causing an unsightly and expensive repair. Luckily we are experienced at rectifying the mistakes that others often make, to ensure you end up with the long lasting finish you had hoped and expected the first time around. A correct sub-base is paramount to ensure your paving does not sink. The depth of basecourse and correct compaction is vital to achieving the correct result. Horokiwi are often asked to repair the cheaper priced option.


Replacement Paver Solutions

Sometimes the pavers that were used previously are unable to be sourced and therefore a similar paver must be selected. With the experience and knowledge of the Horokiwi team an alternate solution can be advised to fit the surroundings and seamlessly blend into the existing. New ideas are often formed and a more aesthetically pleasing result achieved.