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Patio / Courtyard Paving

Horokiwi Paving

You can trust the paving specialists at Horokiwi Paving

Patio & Courtyard Paving Wellington

For a professional looking outdoor entertainment area, look no further.


Custom Patio Paving Designs

We specialise in providing a thorough on-site consultation, providing a fresh perspective on the project at hand. Through our experienced eyes, we can often see how the paving can relate to aesthetically fit into your surrounding area, either to make a statement, or blend in seamlessly into your property.


Paving Styles

Whether you are after a modern sleek design, an old fashioned finish or a farmhouse feel, we will advise on the right pavers to suit exactly what you are looking for. With our experience, we can point you to the right suppliers to get the right paving stone to suit your property. Ask our team to advise on the latest trends in paving, there is always a paver that can really make a big difference to the look and feel of your property

Types & Colours

Paving stones come in a vast range of colours and finishes which will be specific to the project you are working on. This could be to blend in with the house and garden, to give the look that the paving has been there forever, or to make a statement. The type of paver can dramatically impact the look and feel of the finished patio or courtyard, which may be harder for the inexperienced eye to visualise.



What is practical in your situation? The size and layout of your patio will determine what pavers will give the best overall look and feel. A smaller patio may be best suited to a larger paver, to visually make the patio feel bigger.

Other things that will impact on the paver choice could be things such as Sunlight. Does the sun get onto the patio? How hot will it get in summer? How cold will it get in winter?
Another important aspect will be drainage. Does the area drain naturally, or does drainage need to be incorporated into the design?

These important aspects may be overlooked by less experienced paving companies and cost a lot more to rectify, than paying for the experience from the start.

Independent Paving Advice

We are not aligned with any one particular paving manufacturer. We will advise on the right paver for the right situation, regardless of the supplier or cost. This ensures that our advice is impartial and focusses on what is in your best interest.

Contact Sandy and the team to arrange a time for us to come out and see your project.


Paving Regulations for Weather tightness

When building the dream patio area it is essential that your insurance is not affected by incorrect ground levels. Building a paved courtyard will allow you a higher floor than unsealed ground (such as grass or garden), but must still meet local regulations.

Minimum Ground clearances on a non-masonry house
(weatherboard etc…) is 150mm.

Minimum Ground clearances on a masonry veneer house
(brick) is 100mm.